Shop Process 4.0

  This soon to be launched platform is created for transport companies in order for them to compete smartly  in the marketplace.

This project is based on various methods of digitalisation which assist greatly  in the management of passengers for those transport companies; the tool can even analyse complex traits such as discretional travellers.

An example map showing the contextualisation of WorkShop Process 4.0 and a definition of all agents involved. Made by The WorkShop.

The first stage of the process is to define all the agents who contribute, and the technological solution which best supports them, so that transport companies can narrow down which structural digital support is the best option in that instance.

Definition of sentences to conduct precise management digitalisation processes

The elements defined in the central line in the map are composed of those processes involving “the journey” (as a single unit of research).

At the bottom, we describe precise solutions for each one of these processes.

At the top of the map, we define the connection points for each of these processes with the other. The goal is to locate these connection points in order to establish strategies and definite executable actions for the final users.

WorkShop Process 4.0 launched for transport of passengers

Digitalisation for Passenger Transport Companies (ES)

Management of journeys, routes and geolocation of vehicles by digitising those vehicles and their drivers.

Digitalised Mantainance Management and Digitalised Breakdown Service,  for both inner or outer repair shops.

Digitalised Control Procedures for drivers’ rest periods, specifically tailored dependent on local laws and guidelines.


Digitalisation for Airport Agencies

Digitalised control of passenger arrivals and departures, using real-time flight departures and arrivals  from all commercial airports.

This data can then be used for the digitalistaion of vehicle and baggage loading and unloading; the aim being to create a smooth and enjoyable passenger journey experience.


WorkShop Process 4.0 Solution


The system is adapted to its different users, and is accordingly available in 3 different versions:


  • CORE VERSION: data management aimed for management departments and TRAFFIC
  • TABLET VERSION: made for agencies and guides needing the information of the Core Version on the move.
  • MOBILE VERSION: made for drivers and  internal or external transport maintenance and repair shops.


Opening up the system and its highest output

Thanks to BigData technology, traveller services can be managed in real-time to communicate, coordinate and geolocate all status updates and events occurring during a given journey.

We cannot fully monitor monitor the customer’s experience without collating all that journey’s real-time information.

The WorkShop Process 4.0 platform offers an accurate contextualisation of events, situations and developments which affect levels of customers satisfaction.

We can monitor in real-time all the processes affecting the journey, looking specifically at:

- Display of real-time routes of vehicles

- Display of travellers’ expected pick-up and drop-off points

- Display of travellers actual pick-up or drop-off points

- Execution  of real-time alerts alerts real people

- Coordination of all agents involved in the journey with real-time communication.


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