W.I.L.D. 4.0

W.I.L.D. is an experience inspired by the wilderness philosophy; leaving our comfort zone to inspire our mind and body. In the W.I.L.D. experience the four intelligences come together, developing inner knowledge, to think differently and finally to tackle what we don’t understand.

The W.I.L.D. Experience takes a small group of people into a rural environment where they can relax in nature and everyone can disconnect. The idea is that the group´s scope, team-work, their flaws and flairs are all challenged and thus improved during the whole experience.

We seek to achieve:

A team with the required tools to face change.

How do we finalise and conceptualise all that we’ve learned?W.I.L.D. aims to create a joint conceptual map ( through Manual Thinking techniques), in order to be able to verbalise and understand all we’ve learned during the experience.



We arrange
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