How do we help you enter the fourth industrial revolution?



Business and individuals









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The partner who improves your business skills.



We provide technological consulting services through the hands of our experts

In The Workshop we have

our own technology

for the digitalization of processes and Big Data

We create culture 4.0

We create spaces and work methodology focused on the requirements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The goal is to create culture and impact, using our knowledge and the knowledge of our clients as the starting point.




The Workshop is living Industrial Revolution 4.0. This is our ecosystem and the space where we work and create. We truly believe in moving forwards to this new technological world where changes, co-creation, connectivity and - most of all - communication are extremely powerful.






Who are we?


In The WorkShop we believe in team workforce. We have have a multi-disciplinary and multinational team, where Each one of us is an expert in our own field, ready to bring new ideas in and creative perspectives to our projects. That is what makes us a well-prepared company to become your CO-UPSKILL: The joint creation of your projects.

Oscar Estorach

Chief Data-strategist and Director

Ana Gascón

Central Office Chief

Nico Turcan

Technical Office Chief

Josep Famadas

A.I. Manager

Rafael Ricote

Programming Manager

Elisa Vergara

Art & Creative Director

Nerea Estorach

Manager Research

Mingo Curto


Rosario Cardemil

Marketing & Comunicación





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